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Assault can ruin your reputation, career, and future. You could be charged with a felony, which limits your employment and housing opportunities. If you have been accused of assault, you need a vigorous defense from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Luckily, The Williams Firm offers excellent legal representation and can help you fight this charge.

Assault occurs whenever a person commits a physical attack on another person.  Cases can often times be fairly straight forward, however, in certain circumstances, cases can become very complex. Operating under the assumption that what has occurred is within the legal definition of Battery/Assault, one must act quickly to rally a defense.

Aggravated Assault is even more serious. However, some of the possible defenses could include the following:

  • Self Defense
  • The victim feared death, serious injury, or kidnapping
  • Defense of oneself or others
  • Consent
  • Defense of Property

More specifically defenses to a assault case could also include the following. The first is obvious: proving you were wrongfully accused. If the alleged victim is lying about the situation, for any reason, then the defendant can be acquitted. If you know that you have been falsely accused of assault, you need a good lawyer.

Another possible defense involves how evidence is attained by the authorities. If police obtain evidence through an illegal search, that evidence cannot be used in court. If they do not have a search warrant or if you were entrapped, that evidence cannot be used to find you guilty of assault. A knowledgeable lawyer can help defend you if any of the evidence against you was illegally obtained.

That potential jail time and life-damaging impacts make it very important to have a good criminal defense lawyer when accused of assault. The Williams Firm brings more than 25 years of criminal experience and a dedication to making sure that all of our clients receive a full defense of their rights. We’re focused on providing every client with compassion, integrity, and a high-quality defense. Our lawyers focus on getting to know every client individually and providing them with a specialized defense, tailored to their personal needs. Give The Williams Firm a call today, and we will start working on your defense right away.