Were you accused of a Texas drug crime? Whether you’ve been charged with selling, possession, running a grow house, intent to distribute, or some other charge, you need a good lawyer to defend you. There are severe consequences if you’re convicted of a drug crime. You could lose your driving license, have to pay fines, have to list your conviction on future job and housing applications or even be sent to jail. A good attorney, like the ones at The Williams Firm, can help you fight these charges.

One of the most important topics for your defense lawyer to understand is the complexities of search and seizure laws. For example, police officers need to have either your permission or a search warrant to search your house or car. If they don’t have either, then any evidence they find can be thrown out of court.

There are other common defenses to drug charges that can also help you stay out of jail and with a clean record. These include:

  • The drug was approved for investigational use by the FDA
  • You were not in control of the drug or had not voluntarily taken control
  • The drug was a prescribed medication
  • The drug was not intended for human consumption
  • The drug in possession was in small enough amounts to make the arrest invalid

A good defense is extremely important in all drug cases. This is even truer if you are being charged with possession of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, LSD, or Ecstasy. These are all drugs that carry a possible charge of a first-degree felony, which means you could end up in prison for life. A good criminal defense lawyer can prevent that and possibly assist you in seeking treatment for an addiction as part of a plea agreement.

No matter what illegal substance you have been charged with possessing, or what specific drug-related crime you have been charged with, you need a good lawyer. Ever since the United States declared a “War on Drugs” in the 1970s, these crimes have been zealously pursued by the courts and law enforcement. At The Williams Firm, we believe that each of our clients deserves just as zealous of a defense. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your case and figure out how we can best defend you. We believe that your rights are important, and we take pride in giving all of our clients excellent service and having charges dropped whenever possible. Don’t let a drug charge ruin your life. Give us a call today.