The Williams Firm, PC is a team of legal professionals that is focused on providing legal services to those charged with a crime. Our firm is based on the principles of integrity and compassion. We combine experience, knowledge, and responsiveness to give our clients the best possible outcome when facing misdemeanor and felony charges in the state of Texas.

The Williams Firm, PC is a local, community-minded source for legal help. We seek to help our clients understand their options and defend them aggressively when the law is not being upheld. We aim to help people and use our knowledge of the law to do so. Whether your case requires trial skills, negotiation skills, or you simply need legal advice, our team of legal professionals are prepared to assist.

We provide legal services in the following practice areas:

Assaults and Protective Orders

Assault charges come in many forms, including murder, aggravated assault, intoxication manslaughter, kidnapping, disorderly conduct, and assault family violence.  Understanding them all is important when defending your case. Our lawyers can defend you against assault charges and affect your right to  possess a firearm, limit your access to your children and face unnecessary hardships in the future.  Domestic violence charges and protective orders can ruin lives and relationships. If you’ve been accused of any form of assault or if you have been served with a protective order, it is important that you get help quickly and preserve evidence needed to defend you in court. 

DWI and Drug Crimes

Driving in Texas while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can get you into a lot of trouble, but an experienced lawyer can help you get your life back or assist with addiction issues. If you are facing a charge of DWI, our lawyers can help you understand Texas law regarding your case, advise you about your options for negotiated pleas, and defend you in court if needed. Drug crimes including possession, delivery and/or manufacturing of prohibited or controlled substances are pursued aggressively in the State of Texas, and you need a lawyer that is willing to protect your 4th Amendment rights against illegal searches and seizure and who will fight for you with just as much passion. Our lawyers use their knowledge of the United States Constitution, the Texas Health and Safety Code, the Texas Penal Code, and the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure to defend your case, maintain your property and keep you out of jail. Learn how you can stay out of jail when facing a Texas drug charge.

Financial Crimes and Theft

Financial or White collar crimes include theft, embezzlement, fraud, Medicaid/Medicare fraud, debit/credit card abuse, computer crimes, insurance fraud, and  A financial crime is just as serious as any other crime when it comes to sentencing.  Even in a victimless crime, you could face plenty of repercussions. Theft also includes robbery and burglary charges.  Our lawyers work with you to explain your options and find the best possible solution to your situation. Learn more about white collar crimes.

Probation Violations

Probation violations are more challenging to defend than many offenses because the probationer has already admitted guilt and punishment is usually the only issue before the Court. Additionally, they require a high level of expertise and an honest advocate who will level with the client, is willing to tell your side of the story, evaluate the reasonableness of the terms and conditions of your probation, and help you keep your job and family in tact. Our lawyers can help you communicate more effectively with the probation department, assist you in reinstating, modifying, or terminating your probation. Learn more about probation violations/revocations.

Weapons Offenses

Weapons offenses include unlawful carrying of weapons, possession of prohibited weapons, and unlawful possession of weapons. When you are charged with a weapons offense, you need a lawyer who will listen, who understands the law and who will provide you with honest advise regarding your legal options and who is willing defend your rights in court.