Texas Firm Assists Clients with Full Range of Real Estate Concerns

Law firm effectively represents property buyers and sellers from our office in Livingston

A home or commercial property purchase is a major financial investment. At The Williams Firm, P.C., in Texas, we help ensure that purchases and sales of real estate go smoothly. We assist with the full range of real estate matters, from preparing documentation and representing clients at closings to litigating complex property disputes. From office in Livingston, Texas, we provide legal services to individuals throughout Polk, San Jacinto, Liberty, Tyler, Angelina and Walker counties. 

Preparing and reviewing purchase and lease contracts

Every real estate transaction begins with a contract. We can draft the purchase and sale agreement for you, or review your contract if it was prepared by a realtor to ensure that the terms are clear and your interests are protected.

Performing title searches and clearings

When you are buying a home or business property, you want to be sure that the seller has the right to sell it and that there are no encumbrances on the title that could prevent you from finalizing the sale. An encumbrance may be a lien or other claim another party has on the property. Our law firm performs title searches and works to clear titles when needed.

Advising clients throughout closing process

The closing is the all-important final step in your property purchase or sale. If you are buying, you will get the keys to your new home or other property at the closing. If you are the seller, you will get payment. If something goes wrong during closing, it can delay or even end the real estate transaction altogether. We aim to ensure that the paperwork is in order before you sign it and address any concerns you may have about documents or the closing process.

Representing clients in a variety of property disputes

Where high-dollar real estate is concerned, legal disputes are not uncommon. Property buyers or sellers may not meet their contractual obligations, conflicts may arise between landlords and tenants related to lease agreements or a lawsuit may need to be brought if a boundary or easement dispute arises. No matter what legal problem you encounter related to your real estate endeavor, we are highly experienced litigators who will work deftly to try and beneficially resolve your issue.

Contact a dedicated Texas real estate lawyer for help with property transactions and disputes

At The Williams Firm, P.C., our knowledgeably represents Texas real estate clients in Polk, San Jacinto, Liberty, Tyler, Angelina and Walker counties in a range of property transactions and disputes. To schedule a consultation, call our firm at (936) 327-9218 or contact us online